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LIQUI MOLY Special Rim Cleaner (1 Litre spray)

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Description For gentle and intensive cleaning of aluminium rims and rims made of steel from brake abrasion and other types of soiling. Due to gel-like consistency, the product also adheres to vertical surfaces and guarantees an optimal cleaning capacity. The soiling is penetrated and dissolved quickly and effectively. The cleaning process can be controlled visually by change of colour and reaches its optimum when the cleaner on the wheel rim changes its colour (to violet). As the pH-value of the product is slightly alkaline, even sensitive aluminium rims as well as wheel nuts are not affected (acid-free). It meets the requirements of the detergent and cleansing agent regulations.

Properties - does not contain acids - very powerful wetting effect - biologically degradable - gentle cleaning - excellent cleaning effect.

Areas of application Especially for care, cleaning and maintenance of value of wheel rims of all kinds. Cleaning with a sponge or a cleaning brush is only necessary for extremely contaminated rims. Do not use on hot rims or in the blazing sun. Application Shake Special Rim Cleaner vigorously before use then spray evenly onto the contaminated rim.

Note: A different spray effect (large area or spot) depending on whether the trigger is pressed quickly or slowly. Allow to act for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the degree of contamination, but do not allow to dry. For removing very stubborn deposits, use a sponge or brush to assist with cleaning. The cleaning process can be checked visually by watching for a change of colour; the optimum effect has been achieved when the cleaner on the wheel rim changes colour (to purple). Then rinse off the loosened deposits and the cleaner residue with a powerful water jet.

PU: 6