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LIQUI MOLY Hand pump for 1L Gear Oil bottle

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For use with all gear oil 1L bottles.

Description - plastic pump incl. universal hose and adapter - adapter for metric thread and imperial screw joints - for all 1 l containers from LIQUI MOLY - for 0.5 l and 5 l containers from LIQUI MOLY with SK 38 thread

Properties - universal application Areas of application For filling transmissions and other units such as outboard motors, lawnmowers, emergency power units, riding mowers, snow blowers or motorcycle transmissions.


If necessary, cut hose A to the right length at the straight end. The notched end should touch the bottom of the container (1). Take the short straight hose and insert the end you have just cut into the pump from below (2). Connect hose B to the hand pump and secure with the clip (3). Insert the yellow end piece (inch thread) into the hose (4). The end piece can be adjusted to metric threads using the adapter (5). Screw the pump onto the container and open the pump lever. Hold the roughly corrugated part (6) and turn the pump lever counterclockwise until it flips up (7). The pump is now ready to use