About Us (Free Shipping >£50)

DanVolt.com are distributors of premium products for the marine and recreational vehicle markets. Our story launched at Southampton Boat Show in September 2017.  We began our brand portfolio with the award winning range of solar panels designed in Sweden by SUNBEAMsystem, imported exclusively into the UK by DanVolt. 

In January 2018, we launched the TecMate range of OptiMATE Battery chargers to our marine retailers in order to fill a gap in the market. Finally, for now anyway ... we proudly added the Liqui Moly marine range of Lubricants, Additives and Boat Care products in February 2018. Now in 2020 we are distributing the full Automotive range and providing free shipping on orders over £50.

We are constantly striving to improve our service by adding new and innovative products to our markets ... watch this space!