Collection: The Quick Fix (QF) system for CANVAS

The Quick Fix (QF) system allows for a detachable mounting on either canvas or hard surfaces. Mounting and removing the panels is a quick and easy process due to these stainless-steel connectors. The Quick Fix system is the preferred option mounting to the canvas of Spray hoods and Biminis.

The T55QF panel has 2.5mm2 cables fitted with waterproof (IP67) MC4 connectors. This allows an easy electrical connection with variable options for adapting to the right system voltage as well as a quick disconnection when needed. Use a pair of our MC4 connectors or T-connectors to join to your panel cables to the controller.

The new Tough+ Carbon 114w model, is a new lightweight alternative that maximises output and minimises weight on the canvas to avoid sagging. The transparent edges ensures this panel blends in with all colours of canvas.

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